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Hojamall Service Pledge FAQs

·        How does Hojamall’s escrow purchase flow work and why does it matters to me?

Escrow is a fundamental part of Hojamall’s Buyer Protection program. The way it works is simple. When you place an order, your money is paid to Hojamall and held by us in our secure bank account. The seller then processes your order and dispatches your products to you. After receiving your order, you confirm you are satisfied with your products and notify Hojamall.

The ability to hold your payment from the seller in a secure escrow account and until your order is successful delivered is very important for a number of reasons, including:

• Your payment information is given only to Hojamall and never to your seller
• Your money is held safely by Hojamall until your order arrival is confirmed
• Your seller is serious about completing your order and cannot run off with your money
• Your seller is incentivized to fulfill your order efficiently in order to receive payment sooner
• You have leverage when opening a dispute or requesting a refund should you be unhappy with your received products

·        Does it cost anything to use Hojamall’s escrow service?

All purchases on Hojamall by default are automatically made via our secure escrow process. Our escrow protection service is absolutely free and provided at no extra cost to you.

·        What situations am I allowed to request a product refund or return?

Hojamall provides several layers of protection and guarantees to help maximize your buying experience.

At our most secure level, we offer a  refund in the event that you have never received your order, your complete shipment arrives broken or damaged, or your received product does not match the key features described in its online listing.

At the next level, we offer full or partial refunds on any orders where your product is sent to you in the wrong style or quantity, your product quality is below your expectation, or your shipment arrives partially damaged or broken. We also provide refunds for situations where your seller has shown clear and deliberate signs of fraudulent behavior. In all these cases, the final amount of refund awarded to you will be determined by Hojamall on a case-by-case basis (provided this matter has not already settled directly between you and the seller).

·        When can I request a refund?

 If the item(s) received are not as described, a refund must be requested within 7 days of order arrival.
If the item has not arrived, a refund may be requested between 5/7/10 - 90 days of order placement. This will vary by shipping method.

·        Can I still submit a refund or return request even after I have already clicked on “Complete Order” in my online order tracking system?

Yes. Clicking on “Item Has Been Received” should not affect your eligibility for a Return&Refund request provided the reason and timing for your request meet our basic criteria. Please click here for details.

·        How do I apply for a refund or return?

First, sign into your Hojamall account and find your order number. Then click on “Return & Refund” located on the right hand side of the webpage.

Second, contact your seller and try to reach an agreement for a return or refund.

Third, if you cannot reach an agreement with the seller, sign into your Hojamall account and click on “Request Hojamall Mediation”. Hojamall Resolution Center will then review your request and decide on the most appropriate outcome.

·        When will I receive my refund after it is submitted to Hojamall’s Resolution Center?

Refund times will vary and are dependent on the time it takes to receive information or evidence to reach a refund decision. The process may take several days to several weeks, although Hojamall’s goal is to process a refund as quickly as possible.

·        How long does it take for you to issue a refund once my refund request is approved?

We will always immediately issue out your refund once it has been approved by Hojamall Resolution Center. However the amount of time it takes for this money to move from our account to your account will vary depending on the original payment method used. These are summarized as follows:

·        Do I need to involve Hojamall customer service in my Return&Refund issues, or can I resolve these issues directly with my seller?

We encourage you to speak to your seller first to see if you can resolve the issue directly with them. If no agreement is reached, our Resolution Center Team will be happy to get involved to mediate a best outcome for you.

·        Do I need to ship my product back to my seller in the event that my request for Return&Refund is successfully approved?

This depends on the seller and the product in question. In general, the more expensive the return shipping fee is (relative to the price of the product), the less likely you will be asked to return the product back to the seller. Please contact your seller or Hojamall Customer Service for your specific situation.

·        Do I need to pay for the return shipping costs for my product in the event that my request for a refund or return is successful?

This depends on the reason for your Return&Refund. If the reason falls under our 100% Guarantee Refund, the seller or Hojamall will be responsible for the return shipping costs. If the reason is due to the buyer simply changing their mind about keeping the product, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs. For all other reasons, who is responsible for the return shipping fee will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

·        How do I contact Hojamall customer service if I still have questions?

To find out how to reach our Customer Service, please refer to our contact us page.

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